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Welcome to the NEW Member Area!

Please follow the instructions below on how to register to Stratford Aces Girls Hockey:

If this is your FIRST TIME registering to the Stratford Aces Girls Hockey,
            please click the "Sign Up" link to create your login and password.  

If you have registered to the Stratford Aces Girls Hockey in the past, please use your EMAIL ADDRESS as your LOGIN and your PASSWORD from last season.

If you FORGOT your password, please click "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD", and the system will ask you for your email address.  Enter it and click "RETRIEVE YOUR PASSWORD".  It will be emailed to you within a few minutes. Click Close and proceed to login.

Once you have LOGGED IN, you can now proceed to REGISTER to Stratford Aces Girls Hockey.

Instructions on How to Register:

1 - Complete Family Profile

If you have registered with our club in the PAST, your family profile should be completed for you.  

Please review the information that appears on the screen below.  If there are any errors, please click "EDIT" beside the name of your family member that you wish to make changes to. Once done, click "UPDATE" to save your changes.  Please note that if you need to make a change to the FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and/or DOB, please contact the Stratford Aces Girls Hockey directly to have this corrected for you.

NOTE: Even though there is a "delete" button beside the member's name, a member cannot be deleted once added to the database.  Please contact the Stratford Aces Girls Hockey directly if you would like to remove a profile.

2 - Select Your Registration Type 

(The REGISTER button will appear next to ELIGIBLE family members)

This is where you choose what you would like to REGISTER to.  Please choose what you would like to register to, and scroll down to the family member that you wish to REGISTER and click the REGISTER button beside that member profile.

3 - Complete the Registration Information that is required by the OWHA

MEMBER, and proceed to REGISTER and add their REGISTRATION to the cart.

4 - Send Payment and your Registration is Completed.

You will receive a confirmation email for your registration.  Please follow the instructions for payment on the Stratford Aces Girls Hockey website.

You have successfully registered to the Stratford Aces Girls Hockey.

NOTE - HISTORY BUTTON (found beside HOME button, top left hand of the screen)   You will be able to view what your family has registered to in the past.